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image description Humda

Writer in Karachi

Location:Karachi , Pakistan (From home)

Education level: College/University
Education field: Medical and Health Professions
Years of experience: Less than 2 years
Attributes that best describes:
Good communicator

I am interested in a career oriented position regarding Hospital management, Eastern medicine, Herbal medicine and Cupping therapy. My expertise however is not limited by studies. I am a keen and hardworking person with skills and experience in public dealing, public speaking, crisis management and planning. Herbal and non-herbal medicine production is one of my key interests that I plan to carry on along with physical and surgical procedures. I have been taking part in many social events and activities including theatre, MUNs, media accession programs and conferences which inculcated strong decisive skills and time management in me. I believe that my humble experiences and skills will be of use at your excellent organization. I am keen to learn more and grow in a practical environment which will not only help me, but also the esteemed organization.

Languages: English, Urdu


My working habits:

Humda is by nature very sociable and friendly in her approach to others. She prefers working with and through people to complete tasks and assignments. She is generally optimistic. She is interested in knowing and relating to a great variety of people, but may take some distance when faced with situations she perceives as unfavorable. Her people-oriented approach makes her sociable, extroverted, fun, charming and creative. She is spontaneous and very sensitive regarding her needs and those of others. Humda is tactful when handling negative situations. She dislikes confrontation and conflict-charged situations. She is independent and will have no problem expressing her opinions in non-threatening situations. Humda is an active, enthusiastic and fun speaker, with the ability to charm individuals and groups. She can effectively influence and persuade people. This is due to her interest in people, her social abilities, her self-confidence and her charisma. She enjoys changes in tasks and people. Humda prefers not being burdened with a lot of routine and details. It is important that she has an environment with space to act and freedom to express herself openly. She is cautious when making decisions. She may show hesitation at the time of making a decision and have difficulty deciding.

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