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image description Aurélie

Illustrations in Montreal

Location:Montreal, QC, Canada (Anywhere)

Education level: N/A
Education field: Visual and Performing arts
Years of experience:
Attributes that best describes:
Team player

Ancienne libraire jeunesse, je me suis reconvertie professionnellement. Cette petite phrase en dit long sur moi.
De mon ancien travail, j’ai gardé la rigueur, un sens de l’organisation, le plaisir du travail d’équipe et avec la clientèle ainsi que la capacité de faire plusieurs choses en même temps. Ce changement prouve aussi ma persévérance et la passion que j’ai pour l’illustration.
Enfin, en tant qu’illustratrice, j’ai grâce à des petits contrats indépendants, continué à développer ma créativité et mon sens aiguisé du travail bien fait.
Et comme les images en disent souvent plus que les mots, vous pouvez consulter mon portfolio :

I was a bookseller specialized in children’s literature when I decided to have a complete vocation change.
This little sentence says a lot about me.
From my former occupation, I kept the thoroughness, the ability to do several things at the same time, the pleasure of teamwork and how to provide excellent customer service. This change also proves my perseverance and my passion for illustration.
Finally, as an illustrator, thanks to small independent contracts, I continued to develop my creativity and my keen sense of a job well done.
Images speak far louder than words, check my portfolio :

Languages: French, English


My working habits:

Aurélie is a systematic, cooperative and collaborative thinker, oriented to following procedure. She works most comfortably and effectively in environments and situations that are structured and well-defined. Aurélie normally acts in an organized and pre-determined way, in addition to being precise and paying attention to detail. She is cautious in her approach to problems and decisions. She will rarely confront colleagues and normally acts in a prudent and tactful way. She is patient and listens to others carefully, genuinely interested in their ideas, opinions and information. She can best express her thoughts and ideas in a small group or in one-on-one situations. She is a good team worker. Aurélie will work to maintain harmony in a group, as she tries to satisfy people in an effort to avoid conflict. Aurélie prefers clear and consistent operating procedures and avoids sudden or abrupt changes. Aurélie is motivated by security, consistency and clarity of instructions and rules, as well as receiving constant reassurances that she is doing things well. Aurélie will apply a logical and analytical thought process to solve problems. She does not wish to make mistakes and will adopt a perfectionist style in order to avoid them.

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