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image description Hanz Darrel

Social Media Manager / Video Editor in Manila

Location:Manila, Philippines (From home)

Education level: College/University
Education field: Business
Years of experience:
Rate: 6

Graduate of Business Management (2018)
English-Tagalog/Filipino Language Proficient
Social Media Manager - Creating blog post / graphical contents for social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Engaging with Audience, replying to comments, messages and feedback.
Video Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora
Photo Editing - Adobe Photoshop, Canva

Languages: English, Other


My working habits:

Hanz Darrel is a thoughtful and introspective individual who will think about issues and problems in depth and in detail. He operates as a problem solver. He is persistent and resolved to win. Hanz Darrel enjoys competing and solving complex problems. He is competent in logical and analytical thinking. Hanz Darrel can be a good thinker, abstract and conceptual. He usually thinks in an imaginative and creative way. He has a lot of intellectual curiosity; he likes to understand the real causes of problems and issues. He is a hard worker, enjoys specialization and is good at locating and correcting mistakes in order to solve problems. Hanz Darrel is not distracted by side issues. He is a skeptical individual who is not easily mistaken. At times, Hanz Darrel will need to be careful, especially in areas outside his sphere of knowledge. He will be direct and frank when dealing with people. Hanz Darrel will be quick to correct people who make mistakes, take an illogical approach or who do not have legitimate data to support a plan or proposal. Hanz Darrel's approach to work is aimed at the goal, pragmatic, direct and assertive. He is prepared to act independently, without much direction and guidance from others. Hanz Darrel works hard to produce quality work; to complete assignments and projects quickly and to show initiative. To Hanz Darrel, security, status quo and procedures are very important. Recognition and reputation for his achievements or exact and strategic conclusions are also important to him. Being a very direct and competitive person, he will actively seek to have the control and power over situations in which he is involved. In general, handing over control or power to others will cause him a lot of tension. He will probably perceive irrelevant social conversations as a waste of time. He needs privacy for his personal issues and thoughts.

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