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Jose Los Angeles, CA, United States

Sr. Graphic Designer / Art Director

About Me: In more than 17 years of working in design, I’ve gained a firm understanding of creative production (Digital & Print), a refined eye a...

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Joseph Los Angeles, CA, United States

Virtual Reality Experience Developer Game Designer

Game designer and producer of over 13 years. Previous clients include Sony, Hasbro, and Nickelodeon. Skilled in game design, game production, asset ma...

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Jesus Los Angeles, CA, United States

PHP / Framework -Symfony

I have experience diagrammed, bearings design and development of web applications I have about 8 years working with linux servers, and have accumulat...

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Steven Los Angeles, CA, United States


I have experience engaging clients to document their business requirements and then tracking the requirements, specifications, business processes, and...

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Alicia Los Angeles, CA, United States

Talented designer with great management skills--great work, easy to work with.

My primary skills are in synthesizing client needs, bringing project goals into focus and getting a team organized to get work done. This is primaril...

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John Los Angeles, CA, United States

Business manager

I can write html , css and some java. I know a few different operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux mint, and Mac. I have used easyphp and nginx to depl...

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Michelle Los Angeles, CA, United States

Product Management

Personally, I'm high energy and fun-loving with a positive outlook - some may even say silly - but don't you be fooled! Professionally I'm solid; as m...

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