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Web full-stack developer (remote, part-time)

Tarif ND
Pays Montreal, QC Canada
Toronto, ON Canada
Quebec Ville, QC Canada (De la maison)
Type de projet Technologie Administration base de données, Full Stack, Gestion de Système, Linux, PHP
Durée months
Éducation requise Diplôme universitaire
Années d'expérience 2 - 5 ans
Type of employment Freelance, Temps partiel, StageCONTRACTOR, PART_TIME, INTERN
Spécialisation Informatique
Langues nécessaires Anglais
Workhoppers Montreal QCToronto ONQuebec Ville QCTELECOMMUTE
Only candidates with a minimum of 2 years of professional work experience with Laravel and PostgreSQL will be considered.
Front-end experience with: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Jquery, Material UI, Angular, GraphQL
Just to give you a general idea of the project. Here is small intro.

We are a software development company specialized in providing innovative solutions to challenging business problems. We have been mandated to develop a web-based integrated client information management & scheduling system for a Canada-wide medical services management company.

We have a software team with varied expertise. Initially this will involve part-time work that can lead to full-time employment. This is an opportunity to get involved with an exciting and challenging project starting at the ground level. We are looking to add web-developers that can work remotely and autonomously in their specific area of expertise with a minimum of 2 years commercial/institutional web-based application design and development experience in any of the following areas:

Scale-able database. Protected Health Information data management security. ...Multi-location and multi-practitioner appointment scheduling for clients ..Real-time client service workflow monitoring and management ..Client services capacity management ..Flexible-dynamic HTML forms for mobiles, tablets and desktops ..Automated messaging via SMS, and e-mail ..Web-site UI UX ..Web graphics ..e-Payment ..Mobile apps ..Cyber security and encryption.

Our web development tools are : PHP with Laravel, PostgreSQL, Docker, Typescript, Angular, React Material UI, React, Next.js, TypeScript, Angular, GraphQL, Jquery.

-18 juillet 2022


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