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PHP/MYSQL Back End and Front End programmer (Freelance, work from home)

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Pays Montreal, QC Canada
Panama City Panama (De la maison)
Type de projet IT & Logiciel Développement frontal, Full Stack, Javascript, MySQL, PHP
Durée Permanent ongoing
Éducation requise Diplôme universitaire
Années d'expérience 2 - 5 ans
Type of employment Freelance/Contractor, Temps partielCONTRACTOR, PART_TIME
Spécialisation Informatique
Langues nécessaires N/A
Workhoppers Montreal QCPanama CityTELECOMMUTE
As our company continues to grow, we are looking for freelancers for software development, both for front end and back end.

Freelancers must have at least 2-3 years of hands on working experience in PHP/MYSQL. Work is done remote but we are currently based in Montreal, Canada and later in 2021 we will be opening an office in Panama City. So seeking freelancers from those cities.

Coming into our environment you will find the work well defined. We use Asana for creation and following of tickets, and each ticket has the information for the deliverables. Although our products are massive and complex (they are closer to ERPs than apps), we will give you the opportunity to learn and develop yourself, and we will provide you new challenges over time. We encourage creativity and develop our team so they can grow with us. In time, you will be able to connect with our customers and exchange on ideas of product improvement.
This is a great opportunity to touch all aspects of a software company, from development to implementation, and beyond.

Hours can start part-time (20-25 hours per week) and can migrate to full time work if the quality of the work is good and you want to join our team full time. Minimum hours: 15 per week, with preference for 20. Once we certify the quality of the work, hours can increase to 40+.
Although we have back and front end work, we are open to specialized coders which prefer to work only in one area (front end or back end). Please specify if you have any preference.

Minimum Requirements:

Back end: PHP/MYSQL (we are currently migrating from PHP 5.4 to 7, then to 8)
Knowledge of Symfony Framework (Doctrine also as this is the first step for eventual migration)

Front end: Javascript, Html, CSS

GitLab (very important as all work is via GitLab). Freelancers must be very comfortable with GitLab and be able to resolve conflicts.
Asana (for ticket management)
Knowledge of server management (Linux/Maria Db/Galera Clustering) is a plus but not required.

Geographic requirement:

Must be based in Canada (with preference for the province of Quebec) or the country of Panama

When applying, please specify in detail:

1. Asking rate (per hour, and specify currency Cad/US)
2. Number of hours you can work (to start)
3. Experience information
4. When you can start working

Thanks to all applicants

-10 juin 2021


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