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Job Description

Technical Specialist - - Case Management and ERP - Intermedi RQ04115

Tarif ND
Pays Toronto, ON Canada (Au bureau)
Type de projet Aide spécialisée Support technique
Durée contract ongoing
Éducation requise Diplôme universitaire non-achevé
Années d'expérience 2 - 5 ans
Type of employment N/A
Spécialisation Informatique
Langues nécessaires N/A
Workhoppers Toronto ON


•  This position is required to augment existing technical
resources with PSRN Project deliverables. 

• Collaboration on the design, development and deployment of user
equipment (UE) in the field. 

• Support technical work required in the Provincial Communication
Centre’s as the Land Mobile Radio Network (LMRN) project evolves.

• Participate in overseeing mobile and related radio systems and
operational development, maintenance or support activities by
identifying necessary human, material and/or financial resources,
including those of vendors or ministry partners.  


Experience and Skill Set Requirements

• Provide specialized radio technology expertise for OPP personnel
by: conducting tests and inspections of the OPP telecommunications
system to determine faults or failures; installing, configuring and
maintaining radio equipment; completing repairs or replacing faulty
components, or identifying the proper contractor to complete the
necessary work; auditing, accepting and approving contractor repair
work for contract compliance; notifying appropriate parties of
telecommunication system problems and failures.

• Provides technical support for OPP radio technology and
telecommunications initiatives.

• Aids in researching technical problems, determining solutions and
making recommendations to supervisors and end users.

• Supports, plans and assists with the implementation of approved
initiatives, systems, sub-systems, and applications.

• Assists in developing systems and required documentation, training
plans, technology testing and implementation plans.

• Provides technical and operational advice to multi-faceted teams;
monitors and reports on progress and deadlines; monitors and tracks
expenditures; coordinates internal project teams and vendor/contracted

• Would like candidates to have knowledge of telecommunications
systems such as microwave, mobile, portable and base radios and
repeaters, standby and back-up power systems, alarm reporting system,
telephone and radio system switches, dispatch computer, communications
consoles, voicemail systems, console and communication center voice
recording systems and network tie lines.

• Knowledge of evolving radio technologies.

• Knowledge of communications software to manage LAN operations
within a Communications Centre.

• At least 3 years of experience.

• Must pass OPP Security Level 4.

Horaire spécifique:
  Lun Mar Mer Jeu Ven Sam Dim

-17 mars 2023


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