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Stationary Engineer

Tarif ND
Pays Mississauga, ON Canada (Au bureau)
Type de projet Aide spécialisée Ingénierie
Durée contract ongoing
Éducation requise Diplôme universitaire
Années d'expérience 2 - 5 ans
Type of employment N/A
Spécialisation Ingénierie
Langues nécessaires N/A
Workhoppers Mississauga ON
Job Description
We are currently seeking a skilled and experienced Stationary Engineer
to join our team in Toronto, Canada. As a Stationary Engineer, you
will be responsible for operating and maintaining the machinery and
equipment that provide heating, cooling, ventilation, and other
essential services to our facilities. Key Responsibilities: * Role
reports directly to Chief Engineer - Maintenance * Performs routine
equipment maintenance, clean/lubricate boilers, refrigeration, HVAC,
water treatment, compressed air systems, auxiliaries and distribution
systems, housekeeping throughout plant maintain compliance with TSSA *
Assists Industrial Mechanic Millwrights when required. * Checks,
adjusts/calibrates heating/cooling systems, brine chiller,
humidification, air handling equipment, hot water system. *
Troubleshoots Basic electrical problems, install and repair basic
piping water compressed air, ammonia, system. * Checks and tests for
leaks, sets, and adjusts controls and regulators and checks operating
adjustments as required. * Checks and replaces Basic mechanical
components and controls. * Monitor and records flow rates, pressures,
and temperatures within specific parameters. * Ensure proper use and
storage of approved chemicals. * Follows GMP procedures for
Maintenance all rules while performing repairs and PM tasks ensuring
no potential hazards food safety or other. * Ensures temporary repairs
are done in a manner that does not create potential hazards food
safety or other. * Responsible for start up, stopping, and the safe
operation of Ammonia compressors, air compressors and boilers as well
as for checking and maintaining temperatures of coolers and freezers.
* Responsible for attending to preventative maintenance schedules for:
air compressors and driers; and water chiller; ammonia compressors;
refrigerant pumps; condensers; air units; evaporators; and fans and
such. * Checks and inspects condensers, evaporators, and fans and all
control systems involved. * Maintains water treatment levels to
prevent corrosion to the wet side of equipment. * Monitors and
operates the refrigeration system. * Monitors the operation of water
chillers, the air chill system, and water softeners. Test feed water
and condensate as required. * Operates LWV steam boilers, and
peripherals. * Daily boiler water and Feed water testing. * Monitors
the operation of plant compressed air system. * Checks the rooftop
HVAC units for proper heating or cooling as required. Replaces HVAC
rooftop filters and fresh air units. Cleans HVAC unit condensers and
ammonia condenser tanks. * Performs daily routine checks of running
equipment and corrects any identified deviations from operating
parameters. * Troubleshoots problems resulting from any deviations
from existing setpoint parameters as they may arise in the Plant. *
Policies, Processes & Procedures * Follow all relevant departmental
policies, processes, standard operating procedures, and instructions
so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner. *
Working week will be from Tuesday to Saturday or Monday to Friday
depending on schedule of maintenance operations. Requirements: * Must
possess a valid Stationary Engineer Certificate or B Class
Refrigeration license in the province of Ontario * Minimum of 3 years
of experience working as a Stationary Engineer or in a similar role *
Strong technical knowledge of boilers, chillers, HVAC systems, and
other mechanical equipment * Familiarity with building automation
systems and related software * Excellent problem-solving and
troubleshooting skills * Strong attention to detail and ability to
maintain accurate records * Ability to work independently and as part
of a team * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Horaire spécifique:
  Lun Mar Mer Jeu Ven Sam Dim

-26 mai 2023


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