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Accountant, bookkeeper à Nairobi

Pays:Nairobi, Kenya (De la maison)

Niveau d'éducation: Diplôme universitaire
Champs d'éducation: Affaires
Années d'expérience: 2 - 5 ans
Tarif: 13
Attributs qui vous décris le mieux:
Team player
Strong analytical skills
Good communicator

I am a university graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance. I am also a qualified CPA (Certified Public Accountant), with over 4 years sound experience in accounting for several companies. I am currently employed at Viewfinders EPZ Ltd as an accountant, and is also the accountant for Alba One Ltd since Feb 2018, among other past employers and clients, including small one-off accounting jobs.

Below is a summary of my skills and work experience:

Financial accountant
A) Accounting work experience summary:
1. Nov 2019 –Present: Viewfinders EPZ Ltd
2. Feb 2018 –Present: Alba One Ltd –(working remotely)
3. Dec 2016 – Dec 2019: Tez Logistics Ltd (working remotely since August 2018 –Dec 2019)

B) Accounting Skills:
• Advanced accounting software knowledge: Quickbooks, Tally, Waveapps, Sage, Freshbooks and Manager. I have used these software in my accounting jobs, and a demo can be arranged in Manager, which is an online accounting system I use for my clients, which is hosted by me.
• Setting up new accounting system: I have begun new accounting systems from scratch for over 4 companies, and am able to set up the full chart of accounts, the general ledgers, fixed assets, depreciations and generally I have a deep overall insight of how to set up an accounting system for any business from scratch.
• Accounts receivable: Invoicing customers, follow-up for payment and updating received payments to the correct customer invoice.
• Accounts payable: Recording business expenses and supplier bills, tracking unpaid supplier bills and scheduling payments as per funds available.
• Preparing monthly payroll and payslips.
• Preparing monthly returns such as NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, VAT returns and company annual income returns.
• Preparing financial reports such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements and any other required reports.

C) Strong ethical, professional and courteous communication to clients and colleagues
Accountants do not operate in isolation from the rest of the business. In recognition to this, I have the following business communication skills
• Professional emailing: I am courteous, concise and professional in all my emails and other communications, especially so when communicating with customers, not hesitating to apologize for myself and on behalf of the company in case of oversights.
• Respectful to colleagues and customers: I am ever courteous and respectful to all colleagues and customers, maintaining a warm approach to my bosses, colleagues and at best, the customers.

Lastly, I have a solid understanding of working remotely, since this is what I have done for the following companies:
1. Alba One Ltd, February 2018 –present: Working remotely
2. Tez Logistics (August 2018 – Dec 2019): Working remotely

Languages: Anglais


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