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Electrical and Computer Engineer à Toronto

Pays:Toronto, ON, Canada (Pas de préférence)

Niveau d'éducation: Masters
Champs d'éducation: Ingénierie
Années d'expérience: Moins de 2 ans
Attributs qui vous décris le mieux:
Team player
Strong analytical skills

An enthralment for the hi-tech world of skill and machinery amalgamated with the continuous rise in the technological industry motivated me to pursue digital product management as my career. I am enthusiastic and passionate about the fast-changing world of technology and its effects on the industry and on people’s lives.

I have a passion for inventing pristine, powerful and profitable technical solutions to fulfill end-user needs. I take a comprehensive approach to product development transforming creative ideas into innovative realities leading to successful products.

Expertise in Hardware Design, particularly IC design, having completed projects on cutting-edge technology such as
SRAM design and Digital Clock and Data Recovery Systems.
• Speciality in Software Development tools and languages such as MATLAB, Verilog and C++ exhibited in design of
GUI and firmware for data organization and chip design.
• Proven track record in Hardware-Software Integration and involvement in the design of the brain machine chip.
• Proficient in Strategic Planning, Leadership and Management skills with demonstrated initiative and success as
administrative director of ILead Institute of Engineering, University of Toronto.

VLSI Design Methodology Analog and Digital Systems Testing, Troubleshooting and Quality Assurance
Electronic Circuits Modern IC Design Communication and Presentation Skills
Digital Signal Processing Signals and Systems Time Management and Prioritization
Technical Skills____________________________________________________________________________________
Tools: Cadence, Virtuoso Layout Editor, LiberoSoc, SmartRF Studio, Altium Designer, LabVIEW, LTSpice
Electronics: Expertise in design of circuits, PCB designing, manual soldering, analysis of signals using CRO
Programming: C++, VHDL, Verilog, MATLAB, Assembly
Operating System: Windows, Mac OSX, UNIX
Documentation: MS Office, MS Visio

Languages: N/A


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