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Amazon Dropshipping Expert à Fort Worth

Pays:Fort Worth, TX, United States (De la maison)

Niveau d'éducation: Masters
Champs d'éducation: Informatique
Années d'expérience: 2 - 5 ans
Tarif: 3
Attributs qui vous décris le mieux:
Team player


(1) Product Research And Listing. For Amazon Dropshipping, FBA - We source the best and hight profitable product that is winning and hot-selling on the market.

(2) Inventory Management. When the customer is buying from your store. That will directly go to your inventory. To get a positive review we will need to ship it to the customer faster in order to make a successful Amazon Dropshipping and Amazon Automation.

(3) Maintaining Sales Track. Sales Track is what there will be all the information or that also called a selling record. So it's included, Sale Date, Product Name and link, What product we sold, Profit, tax, Cash Back, supplier cost, etc. for a successful Amazon Dropshipping and Amazon Automation.

(4) Order Tracking and Confirm Shipment. This is a part of what we mentioned on Inventory Management. It's also a part of Order Fulfillment. (Amazon dropshipping and Amazon automation)

(5) Customer Service. This is the most and effective option we are providing that someone else is not providing. Better Customer Service is the best way to grow the business. Amazon dropshipping and Amazon automation.

(6) Account Health Care. To grow your dropshipping business in the long term. we really need to have good account health. Amazon Dropshipping And Amazon Automation.

You should choose me since I have unadulterated information in regards to Amazon Automation, Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and FBA. I can deal with your amazon store effectively and productively. In addition, I have demonstrated outcomes that I can show you during meetings.

Languages: Anglais, Français


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