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Full Stack Developer à Fortaleza

Pays:Fortaleza, Brésil (Pas de préférence)

Niveau d'éducation: Diplôme universitaire
Champs d'éducation: Informatique
Années d'expérience: Plus de 5 ans
Tarif: 20
Attributs qui vous décris le mieux:
Team player
Independent worker

Full-Stack Developer Jun 2022 - Nov 2022
QI Tech • São Paulo - SP/Brazil
QI Tech is a banking-licensed technology company offering automated financial tools that meet the needs of a highly regulated banking environment.
● Developed a feature to update fees from users. Using Python with Falcon, MySQL, Postman, HTTP Method, Docker.
● Developed a rebate feature with base in the amount that account had. For development was necessary Python with Falcon, MySQL, Postman, HTTP Method, Google Scheduler, Terraform, Docker
Full-Stack Developer Dec 2021 - May 2022
Venha pra nuvem(VPN) • Rio de Janeiro-RJ/Brazil

VPN is a company designed for solutions and service to different customers.Among them I am one of the people responsible for.

In this project I was responsible for the development of a platform for educational management and application for those who will do the Enem exam.
Development of application architecture and design patterns. I used Eslint, Prettier and Husky as tools to help in that activity. Besides that, for the architecture, it used clean architecture concepts.
Development using React-Native Cli with Typescript, Redux and Redux Thunk for global state management, consume API with Axios.
I was responsible for the "end to end" development of one of the applications and also for the management of the intern, selecting and distributing the activities that should be developed.
I worked with App Center, AppStore and AppleStore for distribution and automatization between stores.

In this project I was responsible for the development of a financial solution.

Development of applications using ReactJs and NodeJs. To develop, microsservices were used as architecture.
In frontend I was responsible for tasks with unity tests using Jest and TDD methodology. Besides that, Redux and Redux Thunk for state management and react paper as style guides.
In the backend I was responsible for tasks with unity tests using Jest, Supertest and TDD methodology. Besides that, I was responsible for development of middlewares, routes, controllers and services.
I was responsible for integrating with the external api and testing the environment with Postman.
I was responsible for implementing Google Analytics in the projects, so if the user navigates between projects even if they are in different microservices it is possible to evaluate how the user behaves using it and also get information such as devices .
I was responsible for implementing Redis Cache with NodeJs.
Responsible for covering most of projects with quality code aspects such as code smells, duplications and test coverage.
Responsible for keeping high quality code following specifications from Sonar, keeping the code with more than 80% of test coverage.

Frontend Developer Nov 2021 - Dec 2021
TeclaT - Mob Telecom • Fortaleza-CE/Brazil

TeclaT is a company designed for solutions and service to different customers and one of them is MobTelecom, a telecommunications company. There I developed an ecommerce and also maintained sales, avoiding paper processes.

Testing API used for sales projects with Postman. Besides developing individual tests also develop some waterfall tests for a few use cases.
I maintain a React-Native application developed with Expo. The technologies involved in this project were react hooks, context api, custom hooks, redux, styled components. Also used was Typescript.
Development of web applications using ReactJs with Typescript. Also used formik to validate formularies and build reusable components.

Full-Stack Developer Jun 2021 - Nov 2021
Fábrica704 • Fortaleza-CE/Brazil

Fábrica 704 is a software house dedicated to the development of urban mobility applications. In addition, they work with systems similar to Wix and a platform for informal hiring.

I was responsible for preparing diagrams, manual and other documentation on the operation and maintenance of the software.
Development of mobile applications using an Expo platform. The technologies involved in this project were react hooks, context api, custom hooks. In addition to the consumption of Firebase for social login and location used in Mapbox. Besides that, it was necessary to use an Expo notification library to trigger notifications. To develop this software Javascript was used.
I also helped with frontend and backend activities were also carried out, which were responsible for the administrative panel. During development Postgree was used for persistence, in addition to PHP with Laravel.
I maintained a platform similar to Wix, technologies used were Javascript, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
I maintained a platform to edit some images, technologies used were Javascripta and ReactJs.

React Native Developer Oct 2020 - Mar 2022
Quanta Consultoria • Fortaleza-CE/Brazil

Quanta Consultoria is a company active in the area of civil construction and urbanization. I was responsible for developing a mobile application for management of civil construction in places without network connection.

I was responsible for developing an asynchronous mobile platform, using concepts of offline first. The technology used was React-Native Cli with Javascript. For persistence, RealmDB was used and to make it happen I developed an algorithm for synchronizing, treating business rules.
Identify and communicate about technical issues and solutions adapting web for mobile ecosystem.
Prepare use case and class diagrams, manual for final user and documentation for application, configuration of development environment.
Development of devops skills, implementation of CI/CD methodologies. AppCenter was used as a tool. Concept of OTA with Code Push was also applied.
I was responsible for implementing Postman for API tests, creating specific use cases for and waterfall tests.

Full-Stack Developer Apr 2020 - Sep 2020
Development of video management system, courses sales, management of articles aimed at high school students and public examinations, according to the technologies used by PHP with the aid of HTML and CSS and for data persistence used in MySql.

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