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image description Susan

Sales, promo, decorating,animal wel à Tulsa

Pays:Tulsa, OK, United States (Pas de préférence)

Niveau d'éducation: Diplôme universitaire
Champs d'éducation: Affaires
Années d'expérience:
Attributs qui vous décris le mieux:
Good communicator

I spent roughly 30 years in sales, primarily IT, but also in home improvement such as custom shutters and flooring. I managed, promoted, and was booking agent for 6 years for a blues/rock band as well as handled the booking for a few clubs (one thing I would do love to do again). I have purchased and decorated 8 homes, specializing in old homes that require some remodeling. "Social Chairman" is what many have called me since being my dorm's many years ago. I entertain often, including house concerts and after concert parties and am good at bringing like minded people together...and sometimes no so like minded.
A hiatus from corporate sales to take care of a dying father then mother is something I will never regret for many reasons but it did negatively affect my income as I am older in a youth focused hiring environment. I hear and read about companies hiring senior workers but my experience tells me otherwise, unless you are willing to work for close to minimum wage at jobs that require little or no brain activity.
I was in the top 5 and 10% of the sales forces I belonged to and at one time in the top 1% of female incomes earned. I have two ideas for businesses I would like to open but lack the resources to finance either on my own and while I used to be able to call a bank and get a loan over the phone based on my stellar credit, the world has changed. I'm hoping to find some open minds in this forum who will find my experience, pride in my work and drive valuable.
I spent 12 years volunteering with one of the largest and best animal welfare organizations in the country and still am very passionate about educating the public about their value in our society. One of my business ideas would allow me to move forward with that mission.

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