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image description Russell

Business Consultant à Ottawa

Pays:Ottawa, ON, Canada (Pas de préférence)

Niveau d'éducation: Diplôme universitaire non-achevé
Champs d'éducation: Affaires
Années d'expérience: Plus de 5 ans
Attributs qui vous décris le mieux:
Good communicator


I am an experienced Management Consultant and have a thorough understanding of all areas of business. I have been involved in multiple companies that have been heavily in debt and have worked successfully to reform these companies through proven systems and training to get them out of debt and to have a fully sustainable business model. I am currently half way through an MBA course.

Below is a short summery from an extensive third party review of my abilities and performance:

Russell is interested in the new, the innovative, and the cutting-edge ideas in his profession. He likes to
generate new ideas and have others work on the details of the project. Russell tends to be more of a
doer than a dreamer. His primary drive is to get things done, to reach closure, and move on to the next
project or issue. Russell sets high goals for himself and others, and expects both parties to meet those
He will frequently search for new, better, and more efficient ways of getting things done. Russell loves
challenges, competition, and difficult assignments he is able to solve independently. He will take credit
or the blame, with a comment like, "The buck stops here". Because of his high inquisitiveness, and high
sense of urgency, he may not take time for a formal course on a subject, but yet will learn on his own as
much as someone who may have taken a class.

Languages: N/A


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