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image description Trevor

Writer à Austin

Pays:Austin, TX, United States (Pas de préférence)

Niveau d'éducation: Diplôme universitaire
Champs d'éducation: Arts libéraux et Sciences Humaines
Années d'expérience:
Tarif: 30
Attributs qui vous décris le mieux:
Independent worker
Strong analytical skills

Here's the thing about me- I just want to take in culture and talk about it, all day every day.

In fact, I do that. I've manipulated and fought for my 27 years so that my life can be like that and still be (usually) pretty okay.

Oh, I've done and still do some other things; I've been a deeply ingrained part of wild underground social scenes (ask me about LongBoard Kid and the Chief Pack), I've spent time in cities all over the US, and I've worked dozens of unrelated jobs in my life in what is actually a really strange variety of other fields, looking back on it.

But culture- taking it in, thinking about it, letting it play in my head and then creating something new out of what it leaves there- this is my jam.

I see no difference between one art form and the next in terms of being worthy of deep thought. I have roots as strong in postmodern American architecture as I do in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as I do in Tim Schafer games as I do in the history of Russian communist closed cities.

It's all culture to me, and I want to think about all of it, make all the connections between it that I can, and write the interesting thoughts down in an attractive manner.

Let me get into a subject for you, and I will turn out quality material.

I've got words, if you'd like them.

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